Empower your business with Gingerly, your all-in-one business management suite

It’s easy to get started and even easier to use, best of all, it’s free for you and all your employees!

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Trusted by numerous clients from all over the world

Gingerly is a free community-driven business tool ecosystem that grows as you do.

Gingerly is a free community-driven business tool ecosystem that grows as you do.

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The innovative business hub that streamlines and automates your processes

Get instant access, support and visibility to everything you need to grow your business. Unlike using point solutions, Gingerly conveniently brings together all of the critical business processes needed to create the best ecosystem of technology and human support for your unique business.

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Invite people to your team:
staff, accountants, consultants.

Grant access to as much or as little as needed, with no more shared passwords.

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Mobile friendly for anywhere access

Gingerly is easy to get started. Within a tew minutes you’ll have access to the beating heart of your business. imagine seeing ail the essential Info of your operations within one simple dashboard.

...and did we mention its FREE?

You’ll only pay for the apps you chose to add. if you’re tired or overly-complicated accounting and CRM software, Gingerly is something different.

Instead of being overwhelmed with choices and features, you can chose to only add the functions you need. We’re standing right beside you as your business grows.

You don’t need to switch everything over to Gingerly right now; try It out and use whlchever features you like. Entering the dashboard Is free and takes 2 seconds.

Take a look around, put your feet up. and poke as many buttons as you like.


Gingerly is here for you.

We know our platform wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for our users, our soloprenuers, and our hustlers making a difference out there in the world.

Building a business shouldn’t be lonely. We’re here to walk with you. If you have any questions, feedback, or comments, we’re only a click away.

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