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Gingerly began with Subscribe Technologies (a publicly traded technology firm) as a handful of separate software programs.

People use many unconnected solutions to operate their businesses. The more we talked to you, the more we realized how important it is for these solutions to work together.

We had the chance to break the mold by combining the technologies we were already working on.

However, we didn’t want to offer just another bloated solution. Your enterprise doesn’t go from 0 to 100 overnight. We knew we had to present our solution to grow as your business does.

So we built the core of Gingerly to work seamlessly with our marketplace apps and integrations. And then we decided to make these fundamental features free.

While big-budget startups can afford expensive software subscriptions, thousands of new companies struggle through those difficult early years. We want to make that period easier, allowing you to build your business management system as you grow.

You Are Not Alone

Running a business isn’t a solo event. Millions of business owners, entrepreneurs and freelancers work through their day-to-day feeling like they’re alone in their efforts.

Instead, we want the tedious parts of running a business to feel like a social experience.

As Gingerly grews, our community grows with it. We believe in going beyond software, using Gingerly as a hub for collaboration, community, and opportunity.

Our Team

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