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An all-in-one operating system for your business designed to reduce overwhelm. Take Gingerly one module at a time, one step at a time, and only pay for the premium features you’ll use.

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Shape the Story of Your Business

Gingerly is the foundation to run your business efficiently. All the core processes and functions are designed to work seamlessly with apps in our marketplace.

As you grow, you can add apps to your account. Unlike most business tools, you’ll never pay for features you don’t use. Take it one step at a time, one app at a time.

Free core tools

Choose apps from the marketplace that will benefit your business.

Pay a small amount to connect apps to your Gingerly account.

Open Up Your Business to New Partners and Opportunities

When we started Gingerly, we wanted it to be a place where business owners could come together. People all around the world feel the same way and experience the same challenges as you. And yet running a business can often feel like a lonely endeavor.

At the core of our platform is our growing Gingerly community.

Your experiences shape our solution.

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This is where the story of your business is written.

Understand the core of your business at a glance.

See your income vs. expenses, and the balance of
your accounts.

Sales & Invoicing

Create and send quotes & invoices. .

Select your products/services or enter custom line items.

Send to new or existing contacts.

Create one-time or automatic recurring invoices.

Use email templates to make it even quicker.


Personalize emails with dynamic fields like {{firstname}} and {{invoice_date}}.

Send emails faster with templates.

Track emails sent through the system.

Create custom templates expressing your brand voice.


Track the health of your business.

Enter and track expenses, transfers, and deposits.

See your account balances.


Store all your client and customer information.

Email them directly from the platform.

Track activity and store notes as a timeline, including sales progress, delivery, and payments.

View, print, and track invoices.


Add events to a single shared calendar for your whole company.

Keep track of upcoming meetings and engagements.

Products & Services

Send invoices faster by quickly selecting your products & services from a drop-down menu.

Get clear on your offerings by listing your products, services, and prices.


Generate useful reports to better understand your business.

Download account statements as PDF documents.

Track income, expenses, and transactions.


Customize Gingerly to your liking.

Add custom fields to your contacts.

Add custom tags.

Add custom categories for income and expenses.

Team Members

Gingerly is free for an unlimited number of users.

Track team member activity.

No more additional payments for extra logins.

No more shared passwords.

Members can access all features; Gingerly is a unified source of operations information for your staff.

And There’s no Catch

The features above are free. There’s no subscription costs, hidden charges, or anything else sneaky like that. For many businesses, these free features are all they’ll ever need. For others, you’ll find a range of paid apps on our marketplace to expand Gingerly’s features as your business grows.

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